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Arbitration Cases

Representative Cases Handled as an Arbitrator:   Mr. Berger has arbitrated numerous employment and commercial disputes including:

  • entitlements to constructive termination benefits in pharmaceutical industry

  • “whistleblower” complaints in manufacturing, financial services and communications

  • severance payments and alleged age discrimination in information technology

  • wage and hour disputes in health care

  • insider trading and breach of fiduciary obligations

  • discharge allegedly in violation of the ADA in broadcasting

  • discrimination allegedly on account of national origin in financial services

  • a talent agent’s entitlement to fees

  • alleged retaliation in violation of the FMLA in communications

  • application of benefits agreement and Statute of Frauds in manufacturing

  • discharge for inappropriate “on air” behavior in broadcasting

  • breach of contract and entitlement to commissions in real estate

  • liquidated damages for breach of settlement agreement in manufacturing

  • termination for substance abuse in banking

  • entitlement to stock options under change in control provisions in communications

  • ownership of intellectual rights and equity interests in medical, computer technology and biometric security fields

  • termination of sports executive for “extraordinary circumstances”

  • alleged embezzlement in the real estate industry

  • failure to pay separation pay in hospitality industry

  • failure to pay law firm partner’s driver overtime

  • discrimination against employee who applied to be a member of the US Army

  • disability discrimination of attorney at law firm

  • sexual harassment and retaliation against exotic dancers

  • failure to distribute gratuities to food service workers

  • sexual harassment of "fit" model

  • failure to accommodate pregnant call desk manager

  • violation of non-compete agreement in fashion industry

  • unilateral changes in financial services industry commission plan

  • hotel executive fraudulently induced into signing Separation Agreement

  • nonrenewal of college professor on account of religion

  • failure to accommodate director suffering from depression

 Ralph S. Berger, Esq.

Mediator, Arbitrator

917- 701-5220
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