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Representative Cases Handled as a Mediator:     Mr. Berger has mediated over 750 employment and commercial cases including: 

  • class actions in the financial services industry alleging gender and race discrimination

  • sexual harassment and age discrimination complaints in the entertainment industry

  • allegations of discrimination due to race and national origin in the communications industry

  • reverse sex discrimination in broadcasting

  • discharges of tenured professors

  • proper payment of wages at a “gentlemen’s club”

  • discharge allegedly in violation of the ADA that related to the Claimant’s fertility treatments

  • breach of contract and the value of severance payments in the hedge fund industry

  • dissolution of a law practice

  • restrictive covenants in the information technology industry

  • alleged discrimination on account of recurrence of breast cancer

  • stock option entitlements in the energy producing industry

  • alleged discrimination on account of sexual orientation by a religious organization

  • entitlement to incentive pay in the real estate industry

  • alleged discrimination on account of perceived disability

  • alleged failure to promote on account of national origin

  • “forced overtime” in the financial services industry

  • application of “English only rule” in retail services

  • alleged national origin discrimination against Egyptian executive

  • sexual harassment and retaliation against “or air” reporter

  • retaliation against Orthodox Jew who complained about having to watch Hitler parody video as part of training

  • alleged inappropriate behavior by doctor with female patients

  • quid pro quo sexual harassment of job applicants in retail clothing industry

  • pregnancy discrimination at a day care center

  • failure to hire on account of age/national origin in the hospitality industry

  • alleged religious discrimination against Muslim custodian  

  • alleged age and disability discrimination in the publishing industry

  • sexual harassment of trainer at gym

  • religious discrimination against Muslim who sought time off for prayers

  • termination of of oldest copy editor at fashion magazine

  • failure to pay agreed upon severance to executive in health care industry

  • discrimination on the basis of national origin by employer who required applicants to submit photos

  • failure to pay overtime to live-in domestic employees

  • refusal to hire applicant with prior criminal conviction

  • off-the-clock pay claims by class of 1,000 debt collectors

  • failure by religious organization to pay overtime

  • racial discrimination of African-American field technician by trainer who placed a noose around his neck

  • sexual harassment of male bartender by female beverage manager

  • refusal to hire Asian Americans

 Ralph S. Berger, Esq.

Mediator, Arbitrator

917- 701-5220
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