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Multi-Party Dispute Resolution

Multi-Party Dispute Resolution Experience:   Mr. Berger has arbitrated and mediated class/collective action cases alleging:

  • discrimination due to gender and/or race in the financial services industry

  • FLSA/NYLL wage claims in the restaurant, insurance, banking, transportation, auto sales, construction, health care, pizza delivery, food, retail clothing and entertainment industries

  • contributions to multi-employer pension, health and welfare funds in health care and transportation

  • entitlement to severance benefits in communications

  • constructive termination benefits in pharmaceuticals

  • refusal to pay undocumented workers by check

Mr. Berger has also determined damages resulting from discrimination on account of race by an investors service pursuant to a Consent Decree.

 Ralph S. Berger, Esq.

Mediator, Arbitrator

917- 701-5220
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